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Rob Flux
Property Developer | Educator | Mentor

Property Developer, Educator, Mentor & Public Speaker on all things property and property development.

Rob takes an active approach to property by forcing value onto property through the property development process, rather than simply waiting for the market to do the heavy lifting for him.

Having achieved his own financial freedom through property development, Rob now spends much of his time giving back to others through education and mentoring programs through his company Developer Network Pty Ltd, where he works with his clients to assist them in doing projects of their own by showing them the ropes along the way.

Rob has set a personal goal of setting 1000+ people financially free by the year 2030 and is well on the way to achieving this goal with 30+ members of his community already in the exclusive Financial Freedom Club and many more on the way. To be a member of this elite group you need to derive your income through Property or Property Development & also give back to the community through assisting others to also break free of the Rat Race.

To read more about Rob and his own personal journey, visit his website here -

Media Appearances

Need someone to speak at your next event or an industry expert to interview for your media story?

Rob is available for a wide range of speaking engagements from small 5 minutes spots to full key note presentations.

Some topics to consider Rob for include:

  • Small Scale Property Developments
  • How to invest with little to no money
  • Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
  • Property Development Strategies
  • Psychology of Property Development
  • Resiliency in overcoming obstacles both physical and mental
  • Masterminding techniques
  • Growing your net worth form Zero to Hero (Twice)
  • Property Investing Vs Property Developing
  • How Property Developers assess sites Vs investors or emotional purchasers

For Media requests and enquiries, please reach out to our team on or 0438 225 878

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For Media requests and enquiries, please reach out via or 0438 225 878

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