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  • Starting from scratch? That's perfect! From office workers to parents taking care of their families, from experienced builders and developers to those just starting out — The 7 Step FORMULA to Financial Freedom Online Course is for anyone ready to take their property development to the next level.
  • Think you need a fortune to get started in property development? Wrong! Discover the innovative funding strategies that require little to no upfront capital. The real wealth secret is not in your wallet; it's in your creativity!
  • Discover the "Rapid Elimination Method" that seasoned property developers swear by — analyse properties in minutes, not weeks, and never miss a golden opportunity again! This is an innovative technique that flips the script, allowing you to discard bad deals and snatch up the profitable ones before anyone else catches on.
  • Say goodbye to the confusion of endless strategies with our focused approach. Master one effective strategy, delve deep into it, and the stress of too many options will disappear, leaving you with clear direction.
  • WARNING: 90% of development sites are nothing but money pits! Learn how to minimise risks by identifying areas abundant with development opportunities, supported by evidence of others successfully profiting, while ensuring ample demand for you to achieve similar success.
  • Shocking truth: Your "financial freedom number" is not about luxury yachts or lavish mansions. It's about generating passive income, ensuring you have a consistent and reliable flow of money to cover all of your expenses, achievable for many in just 3-5 years.
  • Unlocking the Secret "Magic Number" of 6! By undertaking a project with six dwellings and selling five, you own the sixth one absolutely FREE! This strategy is a game-changer, providing a clever pathway to debt-free ownership!
  • Imagine retiring in just five years — it's achievable, not a pipedream. The 7 Step FORMULA to Financial Freedom Online Course gives you the roadmap to begin modestly, scale your deal size wisely, and hold properties to create a passive income.
  • And much, much more!
Meet Rob Flux.

Rob Flux created this course to fill a gap he experienced when getting started back in 2009.

After investing $120,000 in property courses left him confused and lost in the complex world of property development.

In his own words: “I spent a small fortune and still didnt know where to start”

His big break came during a casual meeting with four friends.

Together they formed a property mastermind group,  which not only helped him crack his first million-dollar deal, but led to the creation of the Property Developer Network, Australia's largest property development community.

The 7 Step FORMULA to Financial Freedom Online Course isn't a ‘get quick rich’ scheme.

It's the real deal, born from Rob's own expertise and the community's proven track record of hundreds of successful deals.

This Online Course is perfect for anyone wanting a practical guide to real success in property development.
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The 7 Step FORMULA to Financial Freedom
Your development path defined in 7 key steps:

Finances, Opportunity, Research, Method, Under Contract, Logistics, and Accelerate...

Each a crucial phase in the 5-year strategy to building lasting wealth through property development.
 Here's what you'll learn:
Lesson 1: Finances - The Numbers Game
Property development is a game of numbers, and mastering yours is the key to unlocking opportunities you never thought possible.

In the first, foundational lesson of our 7-Step Formula to Financial Freedom, we demystify the financial maze that baffles many aspiring developers.

This is where your journey shifts from vague aspirations to a tangible, achievable wealth strategy.

You will discover your financial strengths and pinpoint weaknesses that could slow down your progress - and understand how to overcome them.

You will also have a clearer understanding of what it actually takes to get you financially free.

Key Takeaways from this Lesson:
  • Shift from vague aspirations to a tangible, achievable wealth strategy.
  • Discover your financial strengths including opportunities that you can leverage.
  • Pinpoint weaknesses that could slow down your progress.
  • Understand methods to overcome financial hurdles.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of what it takes to achieve financial freedom.

Say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty—embrace a future with clear vision and solid control of your finances.
Lesson 2: Opportunity - Map Your 5-Year Journey

Lesson 2 is where aspiration meets action. Here, we introduce you to the 5-Year Property Action Plan, a practical, step-by-step guide designed with your financial freedom number in mind.

  • Choose one strategy, and excel at it. 
  • Start small to de-risk the process.
  • Scale into to bigger deals as your skills increase.
  • Focus on one council and three suburbs to avoid overwhelm and build confidence. 
  • Learn the rules, know the market, and set yourself up for success.

You'll also learn to scale your deals at a pace that matches your risk appetite and competence, ensuring each step is a firm foundation for the next.

We'll also reveal strategies for smart, steady growth, including an ingenious method for holding finished properties for longer term passive income. 
Lesson 3: Research - Become an Area Expert

In this lesson, using our Suburb Selection Process, you’ll learn how to laser-focus on just ONE council and THREE suburbs, turning you into an unrivalled expert in locations primed for development profit.

Key Takeaways from this Lesson:

  • Follow our unique suburb selection process to find areas with lots of opportunity, evidence of others doing our deal before us, proof those deals were profitable, and with enough demand that we can do the same.
  • Understand the power of zoning maps so you know where your deal is going to work.
  • Assemble a specialist dream team, including town planners, civil engineers, architects and more, all of whom specialise in your specific deal.
  • Gain expertise in your chosen area's specific rules and nuances.
  • Specialised knowledge of what's selling where, which Agents to buy through, which Agents to sell through. Which streets are the high performers and which are duds! Where you can buy the worst house in the best street and MORE!

This lesson will guide you to the prime locations where your unique deal size and strategy will generate the most profit. 

Lesson 4: Method - Master the Art of Rapid Deal Selection

Discover our revolutionary Rapid Elimination Method, an essential component in your FORMULA for success. This lesson is designed to transform you into a deal-selecting dynamo, sifting through a mountain of potential deals to unearth the true gems in record time.

Forget the time-drain of wading through endless, unfit deals. Our method teaches you to seek reasons to discard deals, not keep them, applying your finely-honed knowledge of strategy, council areas, and suburbs to make lightning-fast decisions on profitability and developability.

Here's how it works:

  1. The 10-Minute Check - Perform a rapid-fire analysis of every opportunity, creating a 'hot list' of potential winners.
  2. The 2-Hour Check - Dive deeper into your hot list, consulting experts to forecast feasibility and spot potential hurdles.
  3. Due Diligence - Secure professional input to confirm your findings and solidify your profit predictions.

By funnelling numerous prospects through these stages, you'll not only land the best deal but also master the art of negotiation, understanding vendors' core needs and proposing innovative solutions that unlock the true potential of any deal. 

Lesson 5: Under Contract - Seal the Deal with Confidence

Lesson 5: "Under Contract" is about strategizing your way through legalities, funding, and structural decisions to lock in profitability.

Prepare to delve into:

  1. Funding Strategies - Navigate the complexities of residential vs. commercial finance, and harness the power of equity partners.
  2. Acquisition Models - Master the art of outright purchases, option contracts, and joint ventures to acquire property on your terms.
  3. Low or No Money Down - Control is your mantra here—learn to steer the deal's direction whilst avoiding or deferring many of the costs to improve your cash flow and minimise your borrowing requirements.
  4. Special Conditions - Learn to leverage conditions like due diligence, property access, and lodging Development Applications to your advantage.
  5. Purchasing Entities - Make informed choices between purchasing under your name, a company, a trust, or hybrid structure.
  6. Become 'deal-ready' by minimising liabilities, securing pre-approvals, and crafting the perfect purchasing structure, all while keeping 'no money down' strategies within reach for optimal flexibility.

This lesson is where your prior meticulous work crystallises into a contract, marking the beginning of your property development success story!

Lesson 6: Logistics - Orchestrating Your Vision to Reality

This lesson is all about transforming your vision into tangible, profitable reality, one meticulous step at a time.

In this critical phase, you'll:

  1. Discover The Critical Path - You'll learn task identification and sequencing, ensuring a smooth, unobstructed journey from conception to fruition.
  2. Navigate Approvals - See the essential approval sequence, from development applications to construction plans.
  3. Builder Selection - What should you look for when choosing the right builder, a decision that can make or break your project's success.
  4. Finance Strategically - Understand construction finance, and know how each contract stage triggers further funding.
  5. Supervise with Precision - Lean the construction milestones, keeping a keen eye out for defects, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
  6. Execute the Grand Finale - From celebrating the sale of your properties to the final project closeout, you'll learn how to wrap up your venture profitably.

In this lesson, you'll learn best practice project management, turning your big ideas into real, successful projects.

Lesson 7: Accelerate - Supercharge Your Path to Success

Ready to turn your success into momentum?

This lesson, we revisit your 5-Year Property Action Plan, this time with a thrilling twist: you're stepping up your game!

You've mastered the basics; now, it's time to raise the stakes. We'll reassess your financial situation, tweaking your approach with newfound wisdom from previous deals. Yes, bigger ventures await, but so do greater rewards.

Stay true to the strategies that served you well, yet it may be time to dive deeper into fresh territories. New locations await, each promising richer pickings as you broaden your horizon—and increase your deal size.

With each cycle, you’ll find the journey smoother, swifter, more instinctive. You're not just repeating a process; you're refining your trade.

  • Loop 1: Deal #1 is now complete
  • Loop 2: Hedd back to the start and what does Deal #2 look like
  • Loop 3: Hedd back to the start and what does Deal #3 look like
  • ...Rinse and Repeat until done

Imagine holding the keys to properties that generate passive income— you're now one step closer to that becoming a reality!

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