Why You Need A ‘Success Mindset’ To Be A Successful Property Developer
Don’t know the difference between a splitter and a sub-division? You can still be a Property Developer.

Got no building experience? You can still be a Property Developer.

Got no money? You can still be a Property Developer.

Holding fast to a whole set of limiting beliefs? Hmmmmm.

This is where there’s a good chance you’ll come unstuck.

I'd been running weekend courses for quite some time, teaching people the “how to” of property development, before I realised there was a common obstacle stopping a lot of people from moving forward.

It was the six inches between their two ears that was holding them back. Many people just didn’t have the right mindset: a Success Mindset.

People think mindset is this vague, fuzzy thing, that it’s got no substance, when in actual fact it’s responsible for 50 percent of our journey.

The practical reality of being a Developer is that we make money by solving problems, yet we need to be prepared that some problems can’t be solved. And when you’re dealing with problems all day, every day, it can get you down.
So when you get knocked down, you’re going to need something to motivate you to get back up. And that something is completely under your control – it’s your mindset.
So what do you understand about your mind?

Did you know that your conscious mind is only responsible for about 10% of your actions? It controls your will power, your short-term memory and your logical and critical thinking.

That leaves a massive 90% of what we think and do under the control of our subconscious mind. It holds our beliefs, our values and our habits. It’s where long-term memory lives, as well as our intuition, emotions, our addictions and our imagination. It can also trigger our protective reactions to the challenges of life.
Because our bodies have so many things to deal with at any given moment – breathing, moving limbs, speaking, navigating and so on – our mind has to work out how to deal with all of that, so it makes decisions for us subconsciously. And most of the time we take our subconscious mind for granted.

But because much of what goes on in our subconscious is the result of social conditioning, you need to check in on a regular basis to see what’s working for you and what’s not.

We need to bubble our subconscious up to the surface, check for any limiting beliefs, retrain ourselves, then push our subconscious back down again to do its thing, so it can continue to make decisions on our behalf.

So what is a limiting belief and how can we move towards a success mindset?

A limiting belief is one that constrains us in some way, and stops us from living our best life.
You might have low self-worth, be fearful of criticism from others or have a fear of failure. Seeds can be sown from prior experience, through our education and by the friends, family and colleagues we mix with.

As humans, we’re herd animals. So if you’re hanging around with a herd that doesn’t do property development, they’re going to try and protect you by bringing you back into the fold when you’re out on a developer limb. They’re not consciously trying to hold you back, they just want you to stick with the herd rules and stay safe.

What you need to do here, folks, is start hanging around with a different herd. Hang around with other Property Developers, because it’s been shown that the people you hang around with point towards the likelihood of your success.
To overcome limiting beliefs, you first need to isolate that belief, pinpoint what it is (for example, I’m not smart enough to be a Property Developer), then seek the source. Where did we first develop that belief? Did something happen to us? When was the first time you thought you weren’t good enough or couldn’t do something?

Next you need to loosen the belief by recognising that it’s a falsehood, it’s just a story we’re telling ourselves. Look for facts and evidence to prove it’s false.

Form new empowering beliefs, the very opposite to limiting beliefs, and start acting as if you’re already the thing you want to be. And start creating evidence of success, noting all the small wins whether or not they’re related to property development.
Let me show you what a Success Mindset looks like....

  • Instead of life happening to you, life happens for you.
  • Instead of wanting to quit when things get difficult, you realise if it were easy everyone would be doing it.
  • Instead of feeling there’s never enough, you believe in abundance.
  • Instead of feeling you have bad luck, you decide to make your own luck.
  • Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, you focus on being resourceful.
  • Instead of thinking you’re not good enough, you choose to believe you are more than capable to achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Because if you don’t start to believe in yourself, how can you expect other people to believe in you?

Cultivate a Success Mindset, and you’re already halfway to success.
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